I met my husband at the Welsh Agricultural College in Aberystwyth. After our marriage in 1991, we took the tenancy of a small hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

Richard kept working as a Farm sales rep, as well as looking after our few cows and a small flock of Lleyn sheep and I started breeding Angora rabbits.I joined a cooperative of British Angora producers and opened a craft shop selling yarn and Angora products.I then proceeded to have children!

After child number 4 we were given the opportunity to move to a much bigger farm.This we did but, with some regret I had to close the shop and spend my time with children rather than rabbits.

In 2008 I realised the children were growing up and I found time to enjoy keeping Angora rabbits again.

The numbers have gradually increased so that I now have around 100 bunnies in many different colours, producing fibre for felting and spinning, with most being spun at a mini mill to produce a range of yarns in various blends and colours.

You can meet me at wool fairs throughout the year ((Unravel – February, Wonderwool – April, Woolfest – June, and Yarndale – September), or if you just want to get in touch, do email me: sarah@bigwigsangora.co.uk